Albert J Kooi Assistance Fund

Al's Giving Way 

Albert J Kooi approached dialysis with an open heart, a kind word for everyone and a joke for every occasion.  His entrance for treatment began with a 23 chair tour where he talked with everyone there, if he didn't know your name he shortly would.  When he would leave he repeated the process with a kind word for everyone.  Wednesday's were met with a rousing yell of "HUMP DAY" that put a huge smile on everyones face.When Al and Judy joined the Kalamazoo Area Renal Support Group they threw themselves into helping and supporting others not only with their positive outlooks but their participation in group events.  Store front campaigns would see Judy drive up and drop off Al.  While there Al would represent the group with boundless enthusiasm and when we were done Judy would drive back up and away they would go.Al's passing was a blow to the group, but through the blessing of his family his memory and passion for helping will live on through the Albert J Kooi Assistance Fund!