Volunteer Opportunities


Throughout the year we are always looking for able bodied people to help out in various ways.  Whether it is filling newsletter stands to helping at an event or to being trained as a community service van driver, the need for volunteers is always present.


              • Community Service Van Driver: Metro County Connect will train

              • Activities Assistant: This person will work with Mitch to plan group activities and outings

              • Flyer/Newsletter Stands: This person will be responsible for checking on and refilling the flyer and newsletter stands. You will need transportation and work on your own time.

              • Personnel for Storefront Campaigns: This jobs hours are from 9am til 3pm. A storefront campaign is when members of the support group are out store front of Sam’s Club etc.. greeting customers, raising awareness and collecting donations

              • Volunteer Personnel: Personnel sign up to volunteer for Set up and clean up for our various outings. The NKFM Kidney Walk, KARSG Birthday Bash, etc….


If you are interested in volunteering for any of the above duties please contact Mitchell Broach @ (269) 270-7612 for more information.